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Welcome to our blog

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Welcome to the VNP blog and social media outlet. I am excited to have a place to share ideas, answer questions, and connect to a community of people interested in things relating to people Living their lives with various levels of ability and various conditions. I will also provide sporadic updates on the clinic but mostly focus on issues that pertain to those whom the clinic serves.

I’m happy to hear from you if there are any topics of interest that I could share on this platform.

I will be trying to pull from a variety of sources - some academic, some from popular media, some from my noggin’, and the noggin's of my friends and colleagues.


My goal here is to provide a space that can be a resource for information and a place to connect those in the community over issues that could help make our society better. A few that will be coming up are:

Universal design – making things accessible for all and how that could make things better for all members of society.

Neuroplasticity – explaining the magic and science behind how one recovers, learns, and basically moves through the experiences of Life.

Neurological physiotherapy – what is it anyways?

There may be several posts around a theme as well as some one-off topics. Feel free to contact me anytime through the Vancouver NeuroPhysio website: page.

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