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How long are sessions?

Typically sessions are one hour long including time to change at the beginning and end of your session.

What should I bring?

You should bring any documentation you have about your condition as well as a list of any medications you are taking.

Should I bring someone with me?

You can feel free to bring someone with you to any of your appointments.


At your initial appointment you may want to have someone with you if you have any difficulty remembering your medical history.


For vestibular clients, depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may want to have someone who can drive you home in case you feel nauseas or dizzy, as often we have to provoke your symptoms to be able to treat them.

What should I wear?

Your therapist will need to be able to see and feel various parts of your body. The more they can do this, the better they will be able to help you. Various conditions have various requirements for us to serve you to our best ability. Please find the information below.


For neurological, pain, and other conditions where the therapist is actively treating your body, it is best to wear loose clothing. The ideal attire is shorts or loose sweatpants for men and shorts/loose sweatpants and a sports bra/tank top for women.


For vestibular sessions, there is no specific dress that you need to wear.


For concussion clients, as often there is a whiplash/neck component, the therapist will need to see at least your upper torso, shoulder, and neck areas. So loose clothing, a tank top, or a sports bra for women is best.

Where can I change?

You can change in your treatment area or the rest room.

What is it like in the clinic?

The clinic is an open concept space with dividers between two of the treatment spaces as well as one more private space in the back. The open concept is designed specifically for the neurological population. In neurological physiotherapy open space allows for more movement and treatment options.

Where do I park?

There is free parking right next to the front door. Due to people using the parking lot that are not patrons of the building, the landlord has initiated a program whereby anyone using the parking spot is to submit their license plate numbers to the business. So please bring your license plate number with you, or, ideally, give it to our clinic coordinator when booking your initial appointment so your therapist can add it to the file before you arrive.

Can I use transit?

Public transit comes only twice per day; once in the morning and once in the evening and so is not a reliable way to access the clinic. Transit on Marine Drive is plentiful but is approximately 1km from the clinic. The sea bus is located roughly 10-15 minutes walk away from the clinic via the newly extended Spirit Trail.

Any other questions?

Have a question that we haven't answered above?  Just reach out to us.

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