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Falls Prevention


Assess ahead of time

Falls are a common reason for injuries and hospital visits amongst a variety of populations. They can create life-changing injuries and reduce one’s independence and function significantly.


We have developed an evidence based questionnaire that would determine if you were at an elevated risk of falling. Please contact the clinic to learn more and to book a 30-45 minute virtual session to take the questionnaire with one of our physiotherapists.

Our therapists are trained in assessing how your central nervous system is controlling your movement and balance.


This includes your muscles and joints, your vestibular system, as well as parts of your nervous system that work without you even knowing it.

We would discover any risk factors for falling and provide treatment and a customized falls prevention home exercise program for you. You could work on it independently or with one of our kinesiologists.


After 4-8 weeks you would have another session with a neurological physiotherapist to assess your risk of falling. 


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