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Neurological Therapy


A problem solving approach

Neurological physiotherapy is based on a problem solving approach comprising of a continuous mix of hands on assessment and treatment.  Hands on facilitation of muscle activity is based on assessing what is going on at the peripheral level and understanding what that means on a central level and then using our hands to create change in both the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Therapists will use various postures and equipment to build your ability to feel a new movement, a body part, or a connection between body parts. The goal is that you will be able to use this new connection and activation to help with real life activities

We often refer to it as “rent- to- own”. First we have to help you to be able to feel it, and once your nervous system remembers it, the new sensation or movement will become a part of your automatic movement repertoire.


This concept is consistent for a wide variety of neurological conditions. Each therapeutic intervention is unique to the individual, taking into account their personal history, preferences, goals, condition, and physical ability.

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